Loud Thoughts

Florida mother Casey Anthony, 25, was on trial for first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Casey initially claimed that a babysitter kidnapped Caylee, but the defense claimed that Casey’s 2008 death was an accidental drowning. Casey could have faced the death penalty, but today (7/5/11) she was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of her peers.

Please Comment: Was this judgment wrong? If so, then why is it wrong?


3 responses to “Loud Thoughts

  1. This is a Forum for discussion…..

  2. I think its wrong b/c as a mother she should know better.

  3. Dont know if she killed the baby or not, but whatever happened Casey or someone tried to cover it up. Accidents happen, and I cant say that I feel her pain because Im not a Mother or Father for that matter. The Only thing that made things seem suspect is the ?. If the daughter drowned in the pool, why was she found in a swamp? If the Daughter was missing for 30 days, why didn’t anyone panic? Why was her mother not worried? There are just some obvious missing info here. The Justice system has failed once again. She may have beat the murder case, But she has one last judgement she has to endure from there she may or may not be punished eternally. I don’t think mentally shell last long out in the streets. She’s going to get lots of hatred and death threats. She’ll end up in some type of protection program, or in jail for something. It may not be murder, but she’ll be clamped for something.

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