Kevin Durant is Considering Overseas Ball!!!!

It’s starting to look like NBA players along with their agents are using the various basketball leagues across the world to gain some leverage in their negotiations with NBA owners for a new labor agreement.

The latest star to throw his name in the “I might play overseas” hat is Oklahoma City Thunder scoring champion Kevin Durant. His agent,Aaron Goodwin, told that they’ll have to consider that option depending on how long the lockout persists:

“If the opportunity presents itself and the lockout persists, he’s going to have to consider it just as other players are considering it,” Goodwin said. “Kevin has shown some interest to know what the situation is and we’ll reach out to the players’ association and make sure that they’re aligned with the guys in case they do take an offer. But I think what you’re going to see happening is a lot of players are going to look at the opportunity if the lockout prolongs that they can go somewhere and play basketball.”

“If they’re not allowed to play in the NBA, they’ve got to look at other opportunities. If you have teams that want you to play and the NBA is willing to sit out a year, why sit out a year?” –Source

From the owners point of view, I guess the question becomes “is it worth watching our stars in other leagues risking injury because we’ve locked them out?”

That’s the question players may want owners to ponder, but as of right now, only one star player (Deron Williams) officially has an overseas back-up plan so don’t expect NBA owners to start panicking just yet.

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